Reno Athlete Development & Fitness

At RAD Fitness, we take pride in every athlete’s physical and mental performance.  The standards we set for ourselves and our athletes will ensure your goals and expectations are being exceedingly met.  Our trainers will communicate with you on an individual basis in order to make a specialized game plan to reach your unique goals. By working out with RAD Fitness, you will witness the production of a new person maxing out their physical and mental capabilities.

Remember, it’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than YOU were yesterday!

Here are some of the features and perks that come with working out at RAD Fitness:

  •  Fitness Assessment
  •  Group Fitness Training
  •  Flexibility Training
  •  Cardio Fitness Training
  •  Core Training
  •  Balance Training
  •  Resistance Training
  •  Speed, Agility and Quickness Training
  •  Improved Health
  •  Improved Self Confidence
  •  Self Security
  •  Improved Self-Regard
  •  Community & Peer Recognition
  •  Independence
  •  Improved Core Strength
  •  Improved Balance
  •  Improved Flexibility